Narrow Modular Pavers

Magazine editors refer to Narrow Modular Pavers by Stepstone, Inc. as the "modern brick".

They may be right, but the original linear pavers, Stepstone’s Narrow Modular Pavers are nothing like their brick predecessors. Long and narrow the pavers’ linear look is accented with subtle radiused edges and finely blasted surface details. These refined details are only available from the original Narrow Modular Paver manufacturer, Stepstone, Inc.

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Mortarless Spacer Installation Video »

Thousands of square feet of Stepstone’s Narrow Modular Pavers are installed across the United States. You’ll see some of those installations in the pictures we’ve placed on this site.

Whether the installation is mortar-set or sand-set the long, elegant lines of Narrow Modular Paver joints are best kept true and consistent using specially designed spacers placed at the bottom of each paver. These paver alignment spacers will yield a finished look that cannot be matched without their use. Stepstone can deliver those spacers with your next job.

Call and speak with our technical sales crew about other installation details as you plan your next project. Make sure to ask about how Stepstone’s Narrow Modular Pavers respond to design demands for permeable paving!

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