Precast Concrete Stair Treads

Stepstone, Inc., manufactures a variety of quality stair treads in precast concrete, steel or wood for residential or commercial applications.

Stair Tread Benefits

  • Precast concrete steel-reinforced treads
  • Durable & non-combustible
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Specifications for wood or steel supports
  • CAD, PDF, & DWG details available
  • Choose from a variety of colors & finishes

Open Riser Steptread

The modern clean lines of Stepstone’s Open Riser Steptread and landing system are available in 9 standard colors and three profiles. Colors shown below are the most commonly ordered. Custom colors are available upon request.

Long-Span Steptreads

Long-Span Steptreads respond to design requirements for longer free- spanning stairways. In addition, these precast concrete Steptreads simplify the design and construction of stairways that will become the focal point of your next project. Now, put Stepstone’s 40 years of stair manufacturing experience to work for you!

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Precast Concrete Stairtreads (Stair Treads) by Stepstone, Inc. are designed to bolt-on to wood stringers or weld to steel stringers. Our industry leading CAD details for stair design are just a click away.

More Information...

Precast StairtredsStair Treads by StepStone, Inc.

Stepstone is the manufacturer of CalArc Steptreads. The manufacturing quality of our stair treads meet the highest standards. Please review the technical documents listed above for specifications.

Wood and Steel Bolted Stair Treads

We offer two types of stairtreads:

  1. Steel Stairs:  Precast concrete stair treads, risers and landings welded or bolted to supports on steel stairs. Stairs and stringers designed, fabricated and installed to meet applicable building codes, including weld plates for field attachment of Steptread welding plates.
  2. Wood Stairs:  Precast concrete stair treads, risers and landings bolted to supports on wood stairs. Stairs and stringers designed, fabricated and installed to meet applicable building codes, including blocking for field attachment of Steptreads.

Once you are acquainted with our range of precast concrete steps and stair treads you will see the economical advantages of applying precast concrete steps where they may be needed around the home, office or business location.

Stair Treads for Businesses and Home Owners

Steps are a must; steps help you enter a site whether it is a home, garden, office building, barn yard, mobile home or business premises. The versatility, durability and reliability of Stepstone Inc’s precast concrete products is enormous. The applications are only limited to the customers imagination. Why not walk in style and safety by choosing from our wide range of precast concrete stair treads, which are available in made to measure sizes as well as standard sizes.

Precast Concrete Stair Treads They can be placed side by side for larger areas where needed. They come in many fashionable colors which can be used to compliment and blend in with existing color schemes, which include; coca, beige, cappuccino, white, off white, mid night blue, forest green and many more. They are designed for metal or wood staircases.


Safety is one of the main factors that needs to be considered when building and using stairs. Stair treads are in place to help with safety. Our stairs are slip resistant, non skid and generally very safe to walk along, even in wet conditions.

Surface Beauty

Stair TreadsIf stains or marks occur on the surface there are specific cleaners which can be used for removal. The maintenance and cleaning tasks of this fine product is very low. This is very beneficial for people who lead busy lifestyles or wish to cut down on building maintenance.

The mixture of materials which is used to produce our precast concrete stairs has been tested several times until it has reached perfection. The reason for us doing so is that we provide customer satisfaction and a material that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our stairs treads will last a lifetime and they will also withstand harsh weather and heavy foot traffic. They are highly fashionable as well as durable, if you decide upon using or installing them you will be truly satisfied.

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