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ASHLAR PATTERN - A dramatic design incorporating 6 sizes of pavers. Pattern repeats itself.

BORDERSTONE - precast concrete unit used as landscape edging or planter box up to 5 courses tall.

BROOM FINISH - when wet concrete is brushed lightly to provide striations creating a slip resistant finish.

CALIFORNIA ARCHITECTURAL PAVERS - pavers with sandblast finish. ("5000 psi")

CLASSIC GARDEN STEPS - A bullnose step paver used at elevation changes and may be earth or mortar set.

CLASSIC GROOVED STEPS - Step paver ADA compliant with 4 grooves cast directly into steps that is 2" wide and 1" from nosing and may be earth or mortar set.

CLASSIC LIGHTWEIGHT ROOF PAVERS - roofing paver with expanded polystyrene core and 1" of concrete covering. 12 pounds per square foot (half of normal paver).

CLASSIC POOL COPING - precast unit with 1 side bullnosed to be used at the pools edge as coping.

CLASSIC PROFILE (Steptreads) - Closed riser tread with a beveled (vs. sloped) profile. The face of the riser (the profile) starts vertical at the nose for approximately 1 3/4 ", bevels back for 1 1/8”, continues vertically the height of the riser -- ADA compliant. The riser face has a double break

CLASSIC ROOF PAVERS - roofing pavers set on a waterproofed roof surface for protection and decoration.

CLASSIC TREAD STEPS - precast unit with 1 side bullnosed to be used at the steps edges.

CLASSIC WALKS - pavers designed to be sand set, earth set or mortar set. Paver has non-slip stipple finish.

CLASSIC WALL CAP - wall cap with bullnose edge detail designed to overhang 1" each side and includes straights, ends and corner pieces. Rests on masonry walls, wood frame with stucco, block or poured in place walls. 5000 PSI, 6 standard sizes, 12 standard colors. RADIUS WALL CAP available in some standard radii.

CONNECTING PIECES (PAVERS) - Specially designed pavers that have one straight edged side opposite a side that conforms to the uniquely shaped paver. Available for Hexagonal, Diamond, and Wave Pavers, connecting pieces are used to transition from the paver field to a straight edge.

CONTRASTING STRIPE - contrasting stripes cast into Steptreads where required by ADA compliance, 2" wide and 1" from nosing.

DEKSTONE® - a paver that replaces wood decking material. 24" x 24", reinforced with zinc plated wire mesh. Paver spans from joist to joist. Available in a variety of finishes.

DIAGONAL SANDBLAST - creating a pattern where half the paver is sandblasted diagonally (from corner to corner) and the other half is stipple finish.

DRYDECK INTEGRAL PEDESTAL PAVER - Drydeck pavers have pedestals cast in them to allow for free-flowing drainage on roofs where the paving mimics the roof's slope. Drydeck® pavers are uniquely designed; the fixed ½” pedestal, made of polystyrene, is cast into the paver. This design allows for free-flowing drainage on roofs where the paving mimics the roof’s slope.

EXPOSED AGGREGATE FINISH - a surface treatment that exposes decorative aggregates of different colors and sizes.

FINE GRAIN STIPPLE FINISH - a surface finish with small grain size projections, barely discernible to the eye, but provides a slip resistant finish. It is the standard finish for the Pool Coping and Garden Steps.

FORM FINISH - smooth to the touch and eye. Created by casting into a smooth form.

JOINT - The space created between two pavers. Usually filled with mortar or sand, joints can also be left open to allow water to flow through and be reclaimed in a pedestal set installation. Joints themselves can be considered a unique design element in the paved area to create distinct patterns, add interest, and to enhance the paved area. 

LANDING (STEPTREADS) - A horizontal platform that connects two staircases; also, a convenient area to change directions or rest during ascent or descent.

LONG SPAN STEPTREAD - The term long span generallyrefers to treads that start at 60″ in length and reach up to a 96″ free span with a seamless look.

MADERASTONE® - Pavers with a wood grain look. This finish mimics the appearance and texture of wood and last as long as concrete. Maderastone® is available in two sizes 12"x48"x2 ½" and 24"x24"x2" and come in all of our standard colors.

MODERN PROFILE (Steptreads) - closed riser tread where the face of the riser (the profile) is sloped in a diagonal line creating a 1" overhang and is ADA compliant.

PEDESTAL SET PAVERS - A steel reinforced extension of our CalArc and Large Scale CalArc Paver lines utilizing an independent pedestal system installation for roof applications. Welded wire mesh eliminates the need for additional support, other than the pedestals. They are available in a multitude of sizes as well as all of our standard colors and finishes.

PERMEABLE - allowing something to flow through, like water or gasses. Stepstone offers a number of permeable solutions – our Pervious Pavers allow for infiltration of rainwater through an engineered base and pedestal setting is considered permeable because water flows through the joints between pavers.

PILASTER CAPS - available in peaked or flat. 6 standard peaked sizes and 7 standard flat sizes. Optional 2 1/2" square hole in center for electrical on both peaked or flat.

RAISED BOND BEAM (RBB) - A pool wall that extends above the surface of the water. Typically, they range from 6” to 3’ high and an ideal feature that can be finished off with Stepstone Wall Cap. They add depth and dimension to the pool and support the pool’s integrity with reinforced rebar.

ROOFTRAC ROOF PAVER - a high strength durable reinforced plank design for the staging of window washing equipment, typically in high rise buildings.

SANDBLASTING - Stone like texture created by sandblasting away the smooth surface of the precast concrete units to expose the aggregates inside. Available in 3 depths of blasting: light, medium and heavy.

SEMI CLOSED PROFILE (STEPTREADS) - These stair treads have an eye-catching thickness without the added weight of a fully closed riser and, the profile allows light in to brighten the space below the stairwell.

SLAG - a byproduct from the copper smelting process put into the concrete mix to create a peppered iridescent look that adds interest, depth, and shine to the paved area. Stepstone's 1400 color series contains slag our 1800 color series does not.

SONORASTONE® FINISH - Stepstone’s interpretation of a natural stone finish (similar to slate). By combining a slate-like texture with colors found in nature, the result is the look and feel of real stone with the ease of installation of precast concrete.

STAIR TREAD: The horizontal portion of a step. The tread is the portion of the step on which you place your feet.

STEPTREADS - structural steps with Open riser or Closed riser, for wood or steel stringers, in bolt-on or weld-on attachments. Available with or without the 2" warning stripe. Many Sizes available - standard is 36" to 48". Various finishes available such as broom finish, exposed aggregate or sandblasted.

STRINGER: A Stringer is the long piece that the stair treads attach to on either side, and which goes diagonally up the wall. The handrails sit atop vertical supports which are secured into the stringer as well.

TRUNCATED DOME PAVER - Also called tactile paving. Truncated dome pavers create a detectable warning surface in paving areas and they are intended to meet ADA specifications

TWELVE-PIECE COLOR SAMPLE BOX - a dozen 3" x 3" x 1" color samples featuring our current offering of Standard Colors. Sample boxes are available in our most popular finishes from stippled to sandblast in light, medium, and heavy. Please visit the “Colors & Finishes” section of our website to learn more about the numerous options for color and finish.

WAVE PAVER - A gently curved paver designed to mimic the motion and beauty of the sea.

WEDGE PROFILE (Steptreads) - A flat tread with a diagonally sloped nose resulting in a 1” overhang.

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