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Radius Finder

Stepstone, Inc., has developed this nifty Radius Finder tool, which allows you to calculate and determine the radius of a curve. Simply follow the instructions below and click the "Print" button to print out the results of your Radius Finder entries.

How to determinte the radius of a curve
  1. Measure straight across top of wall from outside of wall to the outside of the wall (A to B), enter below.
  2. From the middle of Line A to B, measure up from the line to the outside of the wall (Height of arc), this is C to D; enter below.
    NOTE: Use inches for measurments

1st Radius 2nd Radius 3rd Radius 4th Radius 5th Radius
Completed by customer
1. Distance from A to B
2. Distance from C to D
After you fill in rows 1 and 2, press Enter and the form will calculate these entries
Outside Curve
Size of the radius in inches
Size of the radius in feet
To be completed by Stepstone
Actual Radius
Recommended Radius Cap
Approximate Number of Pieces

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