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A stone-like texture is created by sandblasting away the smooth top surface of the precast concrete product to expose the aggregates inside. Acid washed techniques that etch the concrete's surface will produce similar effects. However, environmental regulations ban these practices in many states. Stepstone's sandblasting is available in 3 depths of blasting from subtle to aggressive. With Light Sandblasting a minimal amount of surface texture is created as a result of sandblasting the smooth surface of the concrete.

Slag, a byproduct from the copper smelting process, can be added to the concrete mix as shown in the 1400 color series. This results in a peppered iridescent look that adds interest, depth, and shine to the paved area. The 1800 Color Series does not contain slag. Both color series` are available in a light, medium, or heavy sandblast to show more of the aggregate, depending upon the design specifications.

If you are looking at the colors on your computer they will vary from monitor to monitor. Our printed brochures will have less variation. Always refer to actual color concrete samples before ordering. Colors on this website may vary from cast concrete pieces. Stepstone Inc. will furnish you actual samples upon request, so you can see and feel the fine qualities of these unique products.

Light Sandblast

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Light Sandblast
Light Sandblast
Light Sandblast
Light Sandblast
Brick Red
Light Sandblast
Cafe Brown
Light Sandblast
Light Sandblast
French Gray
Light Sandblast
Granada White
Light Sandblast
Iceberg Green
Light Sandblast
Light Sandblast
Light Sandblast

* Stepstone strongly recommends that you make your color selection using actual color concrete samples.
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