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Get to Know Stepstone, Inc.

Get to Know Stepstone, Inc.
Stepstone, Inc. is dedicated to working with landscape architects, builders, and end users to create attractive, innovative precast concrete solutions that include Pavers, Stair Treads, Wall Caps, and Pool Coping.

The i|o @ Playa Vista campus is playfully reimagined with a protruding steel staircase that connects collaborative, indoor/outdoor workspaces.

The i|o @ Playa Vista campus is playfully reimagined with a protruding steel staircase that connects collaborative, indoor/outdoor workspaces.
Banishing two boring facades, a pair of office buildings in Los Angeles become a collaborative, indoor/outdoor playground with the creation of the i|o @ Playa Vista campus. Roll-up doors now open onto vibrant courtyards with outdoor meeting cabanas while pop-out balconies and covered decks are new open-air workspaces. Connecting all of these areas together is a commanding external staircase that defines the facade.

Big, bold, and beautiful, Stepstone’s Large Scale CalArc Pavers allow you to sculpt distinct spaces in your backyard while maintaining an overall harmonious design.
Thanks to its unwavering durability, versatility, and sleek, modern look, concrete has long remained one of the most popular hardscaping materials—especially when it comes to designing backyard spaces. If you’re looking to create an elegant backyard oasis to savor this year’s long, warm summer days, consider allowing Large Scale CalArc Pavers from Stepstone, Inc. to help bring your grand vision to life.

A sustainable property outside Nevada City, California, connects to its natural surroundings thanks to Stepstone's high-performance pavers.
Long before Mela Breen and David Good finished constructing their 2,400-square-foot sustainable home on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Breen already knew what she wanted to use for the landscape design: Stepstone pavers.

Check us out on HGTV!
Stepstone is featured in several of the recent season three episodes of HGTV's Desert Flippers!

Since 1963, Stepstone has been manufacturing handmade, precast concrete products elegant enough for any location—such as the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
A Los Angeles landmark since 1955, the Beverly Hilton Hotel has hosted the Golden Globe Awards for the past 57 years, making it a home for the entertainment industry. When thinking about the hotel, many conjure up images of its grand entry draped in 30,000 feet of red carpet, welcoming Hollywood’s elite.

Stepstone’s wide selection of concrete solutions allow for creativity and singularity.
Elegant but durable, subtle yet distinct, concrete remains one of the most lasting and versatile building materials. Allowing for a wide range of styles and personalization while holding up to the elements, concrete elevates any project, and can also become its creative focal point. Stepstone, Inc., a California based concrete manufacturer, understands that beautiful concrete solutions set the stage for any location.

Stepstone’s diverse collection of Linearity Pavers extend and accentuate the lines that give shape to architectural forms.
Architecture, at its most elemental, depends on the arrangement of lines in space. Whether these lines are the exuberant curves of Frank Gehry or the skeletal frameworks of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, they fundamentally shape the structure and the landscape around it. It is precisely this building block of design that Stepstone embodies with its collection of precast concrete Linearity Pavers.

A diverse roster of projects and a commitment to creativity and craftsmanship place Stepstone at the forefront of the precast concrete market.
Versatile, durable, and sustainable, concrete allows for creative freedom in hardscaping while remaining impervious to the elements. Providing this flexibility is part of the core philosophy of Stepstone. The company handles all operations, manufacturing, and shipping from its two facilities in South Los Angeles and Gardena, California; from here, Stepstone develops its own molds and an array of finishes ranging from "sandblasted" to "stippled.

Pro Spotlight: Balance Form and Function in Your Backyard

An L.A. professional shows how to elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces using precast concrete

Who: Angela Kelly of Stepstone
Where: Los Angeles
In her own words: "Concrete is among the oldest building materials. Made from sand, rock and cement, it’s naturally occurring and found anywhere in the world. The possibilities of what you can accomplish with precast concrete are astounding."

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