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Stepstone precast concrete is made from sand, rock, and cement. It is so exceedingly durable - meant to last generations. Castles are built with concrete! When Stepstone selects colors for our 12-standard color palette we pick colors with timeless beauty to outlast any color trends or fads. Most of the colors available today, have been among our standard colors throughout our 50+ year history. They were as beautiful then as they are today.


1400 vs. 1800 Color Series

Slag, a byproduct from the copper smelting process, can be added to the concrete mix as shown in the 1400 color series. This results in a peppered iridescent look that adds interest, depth, and shine to the paved area. The 1800 Color Series does not contain slag. Both color series are available in a light, medium, or heavy sandblast to show more of the aggregate, depending upon the design specifications.

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