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Standard Steptread

The modern clean lines of Stepstone's Open Riser Steptreads and landing systems are available in four profiles - Bullnose, Wedge, Bevel, and Square. With openings between the treads, Open Riser Steptreads provide for the maximum amount of light to come through and the least obstructed view. This results in enhancing the surrounding spaces by making them feel larger and easily accessible. Open Risers are available in any of our 12-standard colors with an option to include a contrasting integral nosing stripe.

Stepstone's Closed Riser Steptreads are available in two profiles, Modern and Classic. This system is designed to make the rise adjustable. By tucking the riser behind the tread below, we allow for minor riser height adjustments in the field. The attached riser provides visual continuity and beauty perfect for commercial and residential applications!

Stepstone’s Semi Closed Riser Stair Treads are the ideal solution for single family residences and where a single stairway serves one housing unit. These Steptreads have an eye-catching thickness without the added weight of a fully closed riser. Another favorite benefit of this style is that light is able to shine through. Functional and visually pleasing, Stepstone’s Semi Closed Risers are manufactured to specifications and code and satisfy both architectural and aesthetic goals.


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