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Square Modular Wall Cap

Our 12-standard colors range from cool grays to warm neutrals. Also included are a few slightly more vibrant shades intended to create contrast with the neutral tones or mix-in with Mediterranean-styled architecture. All of our colors will create a stunning hardscape - from concept to reality, making people’s visions in beautifully colored concrete is what Stepstone does best!


1400 vs. 1800 Color Series

Slag, a byproduct from the copper smelting process, can be added to the concrete mix as shown in the 1400 color series. This results in a peppered iridescent look that adds interest, depth, and shine to the paved area. The 1800 Color Series does not contain slag. Both color series are available in a light, medium, or heavy sandblast to show more of the aggregate, depending upon the design specifications.

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